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PASSENGERS by Diane Keziah Robertson

I really enjoyed Passengers– found it a page turning read. I loved the way the various passengers' experiences evolved both separately and in re-encounters with their fellow passengers at various times – the interweaving of the various plots and sub-plots formed a lovely warp and weft.

Elizabeth is quite a personality – I'm sure she didn't expect to find herself jumping from the frying pan into the fire in terms of her treatment when she was sent to Honiton, but there is no doubt that in the end, she made the very best she could of things. I'm really glad she found happiness, and that, far from continuing to yearn for her former life in London, she grew so contented with life in Honiton that she would have hated to give it up. I also enjoyed seeing the way her relationship with her two surviving brothers developed so strongly.

None of the "minor" characters were really so very minor, were they? They all had a role in showing us what life in a small 18th century town would have been like. When I have a little more time, I plan to go back and reread both The Lacemaker's Daughter and Passengers together – I know I will enjoy them once again.
— Susan, London, Ontario
Cactus Rain Publishing
published date
historical fiction (England)
Soft Cover, e-book
number of pages
$15.95 USD

Diane Keziah Robertson

London, 1780
Sixteen year old Elizabeth Sharpe, disobedient one too many times, is banished to Honiton to live with her aunt and cousins in the hope she will learn the error of her ways. Four others travel on the coach, all of whom for better and worse, are to play a part in her life. When the typhus comes to London, Elizabeth comes to realize life is not infinite. Where she expected to find only unhappiness and rebellion, instead she comes to love the town, and one person in particular.

Diane Keziah Robertson

Diane Keziah RobertsonDIANE KEZIAH ROBERTSON was born in Kent, England and emigrated to Canada with her family in 1973. As a business owner, she imported English lampshades and later worked for a major Canadian bank. Now retired, she lives in Ontario with her husband. PASSENGERS is Diane's third novel. The Lacemaker's Daughter, Diane's second novel, was inspired by an ancestor who was a lacemaker, but died young.

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